The Eye-Glass To My Soul

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My buddy was lookin for some agates up on one of the cliffs while I went down low and got close to a hole in the wall and a barn owl darted out. He looked into the hole and yelled that there was another still in there! I told him to get a picture but he didnt have his phone. I couldn’t let this opportunity pass for either of us. So I climbed up there with him and had him do the honors. he captured this. A mama owl protecting her nest with her life. Absolutely stunning. I feel this story needs to be shared with the world.
Out here doing me today. Chasin’ agates rather than skirts.

northwestwithlove23 asked: Hey what was that website you got your clones delivered from? Would you ship any product?

If you are a patient in the state of WA, then you should hit these guys up. Overnight shipping to anywhere in Washington. FutureHealthNW. They havw thier own website. Just give the guy a call, think his name was Tony. He took real good care of me.

Set up for success

My birthday was pretty swell.

This was April 7th. My birthday! Every year my mom amd I always go to the nearest Del Taco (45 mins away) just to get egg burritos because we used to get them before she took me to kindergarten. Once I we moved from Cali to Washington I never saw them again until I ran into this one! Worth the drive every time. This is the third annual Del Taco mission.

Repotting this survivor into the hanger. Look at that microherd.
Starting the gardens up!

Home sweet home!!! Love this feeling