A Walk In My Boots

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No cap mushroom
Switched my light out to the 1000w HPS. Should have done that a long time ago. My little bonsais are in the middle. Also got my trelis up for em. Bout to flip finally and see what we pull out!
Some natural healing this morning
Had my last dab of dewaxed Sour D waiting for me when I got home.
Headin back home! Rest area
Been a busy working for a few days. Got to relax for a night at the casino for Cubana night. Two complimentary cigars to enjoy, on of them being a fresh hand rolled by this hottie Cuban. 5 dollar mojitos and Cuban sandwiches. I got nice and toasted.

Back up to Olympia for more work. Loaded up with granite backsplash.

4/20 down at our local headshop Headie’s

Got myself a present on 4/20! New 18mm Vapenwiser for the Beer Glass.